How to Create a Shortcut to a Program File

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How to Create a Shortcut to a Program File

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Senility is certainly setting in with me. I have forgotten how to create a shortcut to a program file.

I want my VPN program to start when I start my system. IIRC that means that I need a shortcut in the Start Menu. I can't seem to find a Start Menu in Windows 10 and it would do me no good to find it because I cannot remember how to create a shortcut. I have a hazy recollection of being able to right click a file and choose create shortcut then name the shortcut, but I cannot find that in Win 10. Searching has only confused me further.

Sorry for wasting bandwidth. It finally dawned on me that if I went to the Program Files file and right clicked I might get the Create Shortcut option. I did. It worked. Apologies.

Please? . . . and THANK YOU! :cheers: :chocciebar: :thankyou:
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