The blue screen of death error on PC

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The blue screen of death error on PC

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Today I just received the blue screen of death error on PC. I had to reboot my computer to return to the normal Windows screen. At the time is occurred all I knew was that some type of error occurred and restarting was ineffective and I had to shut down the computer then restart. I then did a Google search and then discovered the blue screen of death. I did not know to note down the error message as to the possible cause. Is there a way to search on my computer for the error message or do I have to wait until it occurs again?
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Re: The blue screen of death error on PC

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Start Event viewer (via Start menu search or other means).
Select the Windows logs in the left hand tree.

You could now create a custom view with selected items, such as Errors, for certain logs, or source IDs, etc. and save it, but I usually prefer to simply filter the logs.

Select the System log under Windows; select "Filter ..." in the right hand pane under Actions.
Check the box "Error" in the Filter dialog, and click OK.
(Note: it's quite normal to find some warnings or errors in the logs.)

When finished you can clear the filter in the right hand pane (or via the Action menu at the top).

There is also software that can help read information in dump files (depending on if they're created, usually are).

Here is one MSFT page with some information about how to troubleshoot blue screen errors. ... een-errors
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