How to Copy Photos from PC to iPhone 4S

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How to Copy Photos from PC to iPhone 4S

Post by BobH »

I know I've done this before, but cannot seem to figure it out with current versions of iOS.

This how-to gives clear detailed instructions, but the version of iTunes I have installed ( does not present information as described in the how-to.

I have copied the pics I want to copy to the iPhone into a desktop folder. When I go to iTunes and click View then select either Music or Movies as instructed, I'm unable to get the files (jpg's) to iTunes. Apparently iTunes has changed since the how-to was written.

Can anyone tell me how to move photos from the PC to my iPhone 4s?

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Re: How to Copy Photos from PC to iPhone 4S

Post by Claude »

The way we solve this iTunes problem around here (our home) is by sending stuff via email or Whatsapp.
Cheers, Claude.

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Re: How to Copy Photos from PC to iPhone 4S

Post by Rudi »

Hi Bob,

Claude's reference to emailing the image is certainly quickest and convenient if it is only one or two files, but if you have several (or dozens) there are other methods that are better suited to larger volumes.

Try this:
1. Connect your device to the PC and open iTunes. Then click on the Phone icon (#1)
2. Choose Pictures from the left window menu
3. Click on the Photos spin button next to Sync photos from
4. Select "Choose Folder"
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Have a look at this reply I send to JMT a day or so ago.
It should clarify other types of transfers (photos, music and other file types like PDF's or document files, etc...) to your iPhone (any model) on the latest iTunes version.
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Re: How to Copy Photos from PC to iPhone 4S

Post by dasadler »

Here is one solution, Wireless Transfer App. I have used a similar app to connect to my WIFI and transfer picture from iPhone to PC. I may try this one as it looks better than what I use.