Inhibiting oxidation of sliced apple

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Inhibiting oxidation of sliced apple

Post by ChrisGreaves »

There are zillions of recipes for drying apples, and many of the pages suggest soaking the slices in a soluation for five minutes.

In your experience (if any!)
(1) Which is better to delay oxidation, salt solution, or lemon juice solution?
(2) Why should I use lemon juice (citric acid) solution rather than vinegar (acetic acid solution)?
(3) Would slow-drying in the oven be a better method of drying.
(4) If you live in Arizona, please do not suggest sun-drying to me.
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Re: Inhibiting oxidation of sliced apple

Post by DaveA »

or get yourself as device designed to dry out foods!
Dehydrating apples

The drying time will vary depending on which method you use, the moisture content of the apples, and how thick the apple slices are. Drying apples in a food dehydrator takes between 12 and 24 hours. Drying apples in the oven takes between 10 and 20 hours.
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Re: Inhibiting oxidation of sliced apple

Post by BobH »

I don't live in Arizona so I suggest sun drying! :fanfare: :fanfare: :flee:
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