revenge of the sub-editor...

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revenge of the sub-editor...

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Re: revenge of the sub-editor...

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Re: revenge of the sub-editor...

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:thumbup: Local news, you can't beat it.



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Re: revenge of the sub-editor...

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It's amazing how much guff gets written for local newspaper websites. In that story whole rafts of sentences could have been removed and little if any meaning would have been lost.

In the local York newspaper, a 'journalist' from Coventry seems to produce an article each weekend with titles like "Five of the best houses in which to live in <York>", and produces almost identically-titled pieces for the newspaper websites in Wolverhampton, Burnley, Bradford, Cleethorpes, etc. She may have given up now, because of the vituperative comments made each week by the readers!
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Re: revenge of the sub-editor...

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If I remember right, at one time "Reporters" got paid by the word.
That and spelling were the prime reason for the "Editors" to approve the story, to cut back on the Word Padding!
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