Disabling the NumLock key

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Disabling the NumLock key

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I am a two-fingered typist and can count on the index finger of my left hand the number of times I have used the Numeric Pad as a means of entering numeric data.
The new laptop (Acer Travelmate) keyboard is driving me crazy. When I use the <End> key to move the text cursor to the right-hand side of the line, 50% of the time I strike the <End> key in the numeric pad, but my brain knows that 50% of the time I do that I will previously have struck the dreaded un-lit NumLock key. Two fingered typists like me stare at the keyboard and not the screen so I do not notice (1) the little NumLock icon that Win10 throws up or (2) that I am not typing new text at the end of the line, but am typing new text after a digit "1" that has mysteriously appeared in my text.

I really do not use the numeric keypad to enter numeric data; ever. I tried it once in late 1990 and vowed never again.

Is there a way, by hardware or by software, for me to permanently disable the nine numeric pad keys (for use as numeric keys)?
By "permanent" I mean anything short of removing the motherboard and taking to a chip with a soldering iron.

If there is a patch/solution it would probably double in benefit to me because I also get tossed around by the <Home> key.

At a pinch I could tape/glue a piece of paper over the numeric cluster and try to re-program my brain.

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Re: Disabling the NumLock key

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