suggestions for a new laptop

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Re: suggestions for a new laptop

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Thank you everybody. This topic is closed now. He bought an Acer Aspire 5. I've not heard it's not living up to his expectations.


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Re: suggestions for a new laptop

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stuck wrote:... He bought an Acer Aspire ....
I got 5 of those, 4 laptops and an untypical very small computer, and I’ve had them a long time.
They work great still. One needed a new hard drive after a few years.

The only problems so far….
_ When you take them apart, some bits are really difficult to put back together – some of the small thin cables are attached with sticky tape. I think they are designed to be connected once. So after you pull them off the first time they are difficult to stick back on again.
_ The 4 laptops are very thin and get a bit hot. It is almost impossible to get at the cooling fan. I cut a hole in the bottom of two of them to help keep them cool.

My favourite main computer is the Acer Aspire 4810TZG, which I am using now. There is a hole in the bench it is sitting on where a large cooling fan is permanently connected which blows air constantly under the laptop where the hole is that I cut out.

I use it almost permanently here in the extended Monitor mode. The second Monitor is a very large old Television hanging on the wall.
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