How to Test PCI Express Leads on a PSU

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How to Test PCI Express Leads on a PSU

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It took quite a while but I finally found a link that ID'd the 2-pin leads that exist on cables in my PSU (Corsair, 750Watt). The PSU tester device has plugs for every other type of connection (SATA, Molex, 24-Pin, 4-pin and 6-pin) that all tested withiin spec tolerances).

I could find nothing about testing the PCI Express leads. I don't currently have any PCI Express cards that do not take power from the MOBO poser backbone, but I was wondering how the power leads/plugs would be tested.

I've read web pages describing how to test PSUs with a tester and with a multi-meter, but none I saw mentioned how to test the PCI Express leads.
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