iPhone Panorama Pics

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iPhone Panorama Pics

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For the first time, I took some panorama shots on my iPhone XR today. Can someone point me to an article that will tell me how to deal with them to get decent composite results?

This was not a panorama. Just thought I'd show what the central Texas plains look like on a beautiful October late afternoon.
resized and cropped hay.JPG
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Re: iPhone Panorama Pics

Post by stuck »

The simplest way to stitch overlapping images is to use Microsoft Image Composite Editor, which is :free:

HOWEVER! MS have retired this application so it is no longer available from the MS ICE pages:
https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/researc ... te-editor/

It is available though from the Wayback machine archive:
64 bit: https://web.archive.org/web/20190223050 ... indows.msi

32 bit: https://web.archive.org/web/20190309221 ... indows.msi


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Re: iPhone Panorama Pics

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Re: iPhone Panorama Pics

Post by ChrisGreaves »

HansV wrote:
11 Oct 2021, 07:42
A video tutorial:
A great video tutorial:

Not only because it prompts a new question (in my brain, at least) How did Emil Pakarklis capture a video of his real-time camera movement?
My limited understanding of digital camera technology suggests that you can take a photo, or take a movie, but not both simultaneously.
Maybe Emil has the iPhone equivalent of Camtasia running a screen capture while he is rotating the iPhone in an arc.

I am ashamed to say that live drone shots from the far side of the cliff/river seem, to me, to be common-place to me nowadays.
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