face recognition in Picasa

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face recognition in Picasa

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Just an observation...

I set Picasa to scan a load of pictures for people, mainly featuring Mrs S, stuckling1 & stuckling2. Once it had found a few and I created the relevant names it did a very good job of correctly identifying the faces in the pictures.

Impressive as this feat was though it did struggle on many occasions to distinguish stuckling1 from stuckling2 but that's understandable; if you met them you'd know instantly that they are brothers! Also the clear family likeness between Mrs S and stuckling1 also stumped it a few times but as stuckling2 is a dead ringer for me it didn't confuse Mrs S with stuckling2.

Lastly it found two 'faces' in the scenery. One where shadows between leaves suggest two eyes and a mouth and one where shadows on a snow field similarly suggest eyes, nose and mouth.


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Re: face recognition in Picasa

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Re: face recognition in Picasa

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It's also really good at "recognizing" upside down three-pin plug sockets. (see picture if you're furrin :grin:)
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