Strange Error in Thunderbird

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Strange Error in Thunderbird

Post by BobH »

When I open Thunderbird, I get the message:
"Login failed.
Login to server failed."

I am given the options to RETRY, ENTER NEW PASSWORD, and CANCEL. Clicking on RETRY has no effect other than to continue the error message. I have no clue what new password it might be seeking. Clicking CANCEL removes the error message and Thunderbird seems to run correctly thereafter.

I've done a search for the term in quotes, above, and got no relevant hits.

Has anyone encountered this error before? If so, were you able to resolve whatever problem causes it?

Does anyone know what the message and pathname/filename mean?

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Re: Strange Error in Thunderbird

Post by HansV »

Check Tools > Account Settings and compare the settings for incoming and outgoing mail with those provided by your ISP. You can probably look up the required settings on their website.

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Re: Strange Error in Thunderbird

Post by stuck »

Doesn't that sort of error suggest that the ISP's mail system is down? These things do happen occasionally, my ISP suffered a bit of a meltdown not long ago and (sadly) it took ttem the best part of a day to fix things and restore normal service.