Microsoft Edge ... new version

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Microsoft Edge ... new version

Post by RonH »

Just installed this new browser on W10.
Easy process and easy transfer of my Chrome tabs etc.
However it took a while to make Google my Search Engine instead of Bing ... you can find it in Settings/Privacy and scroll to the bottom to Address Bar. Not making it too obvious or easy to change!

My first impressions are good. Over time maybe we can build up views/comments about this browser in a single Topic.
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Re: Microsoft Edge ... new version

Post by HansV »

Microsoft tries very hard to make you use Bing...
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Re: Microsoft Edge ... new version

Post by Doc.AElstein »

Here is a recent review/ info on it, along with some other stuff related to it in the Thread: ... 11#p269611
Maybe it makes sense that it is easy to transfer Google stuff to it, since it is apparently modelled more closely than previous Edge versions on Google Chrome stuff…
Edit: here's some stuff about removing Bing ... 75#p269802
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