Massive memory leak in Firefox 94.0.1?

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Re: Massive memory leak in Firefox 94.0.1?

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I was preparing to issue an apology for inflicting a Tim Horton's cafe on Gloucestershire when the Gloucestershire Live window crashed. Never had that happen before.

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Re: Massive memory leak in Firefox 94.0.1?

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John Gray wrote:
16 Nov 2021, 11:04
Thanks, all - another technical triumph for our local "news outlet". </snark>
Is this the sort of thing which Firefox ought to be able to detect and prevent happening, or is it simply the fault of the perpetrators,
It might be worth reporting to Mozilla.
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Re: Massive memory leak in Firefox 94.0.1?

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Tried the address to the local "rag" :grin: but since I have no JavaScripts enabled I didn't see anything unusual in my quick stint there.

Just want to mention, in addition to what's already been said, that there is a Task Manager in Fx. about:performance, or via the Tools menu (if menu bar is used) or via the hamburger menu More tools.
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