Photo Display Rotation

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Photo Display Rotation

Post by BobH »

I think I might have posted about this before but never figured it out.

I have some pics taken with my iPhone. When I move them over to my PC, the appear with correct image rotation alignment; but when I post them online, they appear out of alignment by 90 degrees.

I opened FastStone Image Viewer and see the images correctly aligned, but they still appeared wrong when posted.

I have read that metadata in the file contains image orientation information. Is there a way to access and change that information using an app? I tried with EXIF and failed miserably.

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Re: Photo Display Rotation

Post by HansV »

Try the following:
On your Windows PC, open the picture with Paint or another graphics editor.
Rotate the image 90 degrees to the left, then rotate it 90 degrees to the right.
Save the picture.
Hopefully, the orientation will be OK when you upload it.

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Re: Photo Display Rotation

Post by stuck »

BobH wrote:
02 Oct 2021, 00:42
...Is there a way to access and change that information using an app?...
Yes, though you need to download two files, a command line utility called EXIFTool and then to make it human (as opposed to geek) usable a front end to it called EXIFToolGUI. Full instructions are here: