{INDEX} "\k" field switch anomaly

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{INDEX} "\k" field switch anomaly

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I am back to working with {Index} fields (Word2003) and meandering through the switches.

This is a bit esoteric, I confess, but (see attached text file), of all the {Index} field switches (d, e, g, k, l) that allow one to specify non-default separator strings, all but \k are limited to five characters (X(5) in COBOL terms).

The \k switch permits one to specify as much text as one wants, as in

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\k "I am back to working with {Index} fields (Word2003) and meandering through the switches"
but only the first fifteen characters of the enclosed string will be used.
This limitation is not mentioned in the Help files.

I have always been struck by an apparent silo-mentality of MS software design. Was the guy who wrote \k in an office on a different floor? Different campus? Didn't show up for design meetings? Couldn't get Outlook to work?

Me? I can't think of a good idea why there should be a limit on these separator strings at all, at all, but if there has to be a limit, why not be consistent?
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