Office Clipboard -reverse pasting order

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Office Clipboard -reverse pasting order

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Is this possible? Can't find an app that might do it or any hints on the internet. Thanks (Microsoft 365)

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Re: Office Clipboard -reverse pasting order

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As far as I know, there is no way to do that. The Office Clipboard is not accessible in VBA, so it's not possible to write a macro for it either... :sad:

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Re: Office Clipboard -reverse pasting order

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ClipClip may help. Sorting can be done by toggle clicking the header when you are inside the clipclip clipboard manager.

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Re: Office Clipboard -reverse pasting order

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Hi mipendance
I have not fully understood what you mean by “reverse pasting order” , so ignore me if I have missed the point…
_1) In a Thread at Eileen’s Lounge we did manage to get VBA to clear the Office Clipboard, ... 64#p246838
, but I have never seen VBA do anything else with the Office clipboard .
Also that clearing of the Office Clipboard with VBA had problems after 2013: There are a few bugs with the various Microsoft Clipboards from 2013.

_2) I think when things go in the Office Clipboard a copy goes in the Windows and Excel Clipboards. Usually what goes in the Windows clipboard is I think not so detailed. You might be able to programmatically ( via VBA ), copy that information and store it for later use. For example, you can do something simple like store Excel range values that are put in the clipboard, and re paste them back in later, (even if the Excel clipboard gets cleared in the meantime ). ( The Excel Clipboard would not be so much use, as I think it stores links/ references to a range which then often get messed up when you do things in a worksheet, that’s why a lot of things clear that Excel Clipboard)

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