Browser choice update for Windows XP?

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Browser choice update for Windows XP?

Post by IanWilson »

The latest updates I have been offered for my PC have included this.
Browser choice.jpg
For now I have unchecked it and not installed it. What will happen if I do install it? Will I have to make a choice? I already have four browsers installed (IE8, Firefox, Opera 10.10 and Opera 10.50 beta). Opera 10.50 beta is currently my browser of choice. I don't want to lose the use of any of them and I don't want the update, or making a choice, to mess up my present arrangements.

Is it best to just continue to ignore this update?

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Re: Browser choice update for Windows XP?

Post by HansV »

I see no need for you to install this - it's intended for new installations, so it's not clear why Microsoft would push it to existing installations.

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Re: Browser choice update for Windows XP?

Post by JoeP »

According to Here It Is: The Browser Ballot Screen - SuperSite Blog you see the screen only if IE is your default browser. You can choose a different browser as the default or leave everyhting alone.

I don't see a problem with installing the patch or ignoring it.


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Re: Browser choice update for Windows XP?

Post by DaveA »

It is being added to the older version, since many users were forced to use IE when they got their machines.

I think Microsoft is covering their backsides, because of the issues with Windows 7.
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