no sound hardware installed ???!!!!

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no sound hardware installed ???!!!!

Post by sal21 »

I have reinstalled my XP Prof and now i don have sound and periferal sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Re: no sound hardware installed ???!!!!

Post by BobH »

Perhaps you need to do a google search for the sound device you have installed and download a driver compatible with XP Pro.

Have you fully updated XP Pro to the SP3 level and applied all the fixes that Microsoft have sent out over the years? If not, I suggest you visit the Microsoft updates page and get the OS up to current levels before trying to find a driver.

Hope this helps.
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Re: no sound hardware installed ???!!!!

Post by viking33 »

I believe BobH is correct in his analysis. From what I can make out in your screenshots, it wants a reinstall of your sound drivers BUT first check for and install all MS updates that it shows. Then go for the sound drivers.
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