Print to a file

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Print to a file

Post by silverback »

We are trying to preserve data found in a family history database for later retrieval. The service offers a print facility, but this is quickly going to become unworkable. I noticed an option on Print for 'Print to a file'. I tried this and a .prn file was created. What do I do with this now?
I can't find a way to print this from the contect menu, and attempting to open it is useless because it (apparently) contains print control characters.
What, then, is the use of a .prn file, please?

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Re: Print to a file

Post by HansV »

The only use of a .prn file is to send it to the printer: if you "copy" a .prn file to the printer, the data will be printed.

I'd "print" the data to PDF. You could use CutePDF Writer for this purpose - it's free for personal use.
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Re: Print to a file

Post by stuck »

As an alternative to CutePDF, I use PDF Creator:
also free but you have to watch out for and untick extra stuff during the install procedure.


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Re: Print to a file

Post by DaveA »

Where is this "family history database"?

Can you provide a link as there are many Tricks one can use to capture this type of data.
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