Install Windows without CD drive

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Install Windows without CD drive

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i DERPED and put windows vista...but its XP. i have a windows 7 disc, but my computer doesnt have a Cd slot, so im just gonna just install that when i find an external disc drive. but, is there anything i can do other than that?
ive had XP for 6-7 years im not too sure

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Re: Install Windows without CD drive

Post by stuck »

Are you asking how to install XP without a CD/DVD drive on your computer?


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Re: Install Windows without CD drive

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I moved this post from Error 1327 Invalid Drive F to its own thread.

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Re: Install Windows without CD drive

Post by Rudi »

Welcome to the lounge from me too.

If you can copy the Win7 CD to a USB drive.
Then you can make the USB drive bootable
Then just boot to the USB drive in the same way you would boot to a CD.
The installation should resume as per normal from there.

I'm not a system engineer, but I assume this could work...

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Re: Install Windows without CD drive

Post by DaveA »

Have you downloaded and run the Windows 7 advisor?
If NOT, do it before you do anything else! ... aspx?id=20" onclick=";return false;
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